What is 8 Conversation?


Relationships start with encounters and conversation.
We cannot live without relationships.
They are at the heart of our daily lives, and at the heart of business.


This is what the Eight app is all about. And this is what 8 Conversation wants to encourage.

All relationships have something valuable to teach us. They offer us limitless potential to connect, profit, and cultivate more relationships.

8 Conversation is about the value in making and nurturing business relationships. Eight helps us connect and work smarter, while 8 Conversation shows us how.

We hope 8 Conversation inspires businesspeople and Eight users so they can create meaningful and valuable relationships all over the world.

Through original articles, interviews, and sharing of perspectives from around the world, we’ll help you connect and relate.

There are so many kinds of relationships, and 8 Conversation is a selection of these.

Want to see more ways to leverage the power of conversations, and relationships? That’s what we do best.

Thank you from all of us here at Eight.