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FAQ on Basic Things to Know About Starting to Use Eight

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FAQ on Basic Things to Know About Starting to Use Eight

You may have just downloaded Eight or you’re still wondering about it. It’s very easy to get going, and it’s free.

There are a few things to know to help you get going and make the best of it. At face value, Eight may seem like another business card scanner, but there’s a lot more going on here. Sure, it’s great as a standalone scanner and card-/contact-management app, and if you get your network on there, things really take off.

So if you haven’t installed it yet, go to the App Store or Play to download it. Links are on the 8app product page here.

Some Common Questions

Q: What do I have to do to start using the Eight app?

First of all, you need to scan your own business card to register a new account.

We use this process because that information is your own full business profile and what identifies you and links you with other business connections. Other apps don’t go this deep – they’re basically just phonebooks.

You’ll get a verification email right after you scan. Click Authenticate in the mail.

We put together another handy post on the setup process.

Getting Started with the Eight App: A Simple Setup Guide [Screenshots included]

By scanning your business card, you’ll be automatically connected with anyone who has your card and has already scanned it using Eight.

Q: What will happen when I’m connected with other users?

Eight automatically connects people/contacts it determines as having swapped cards in the past.

You’ll be able to see your counterpart’s business profile, and you can exchange messages with them in the app. You’ll also get notices when they update their status, share something, change their position and scan in a new card, etc.

This is an area where the app really shines. You can connect and reconnect as you and your contacts progress in your careers.

Q: It’s often asked by Eight app to send request other users. Why does the recommendation occurs?

We ask you to send request other users who might have met you in the past.

Q: Can I share an account, such as with coworkers?

Since the account is based on your specific contact, this is not permitted.

Q: Can I sign in to my account with the email address on my business card?

Yes, certainly, though you can use another address if you want.

You can use either of the following:

  • Verification email address: The address on your business card and that you use for authenticating.
  • Sign-in email address: A different address for signing in. This address will also be sent updates.

Use whichever is more convenient, and don’t forget to update your contacts when you change jobs or if your work email address otherwise changes.

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