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What’s the Difference between Eight and Eight Premium?

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What’s the Difference between Eight and Eight Premium?

What’s the difference between the regular/free version of Eight and Eight Premium?

This is one of the most asked questions from Eight users.

The standard version of the app is free to use and has all the essential functions that make Eight a powerful business solution.

You can upgrade to Eight Premium for added benefits including the ability to export your data (such as phonebook sync).

This not only helps you rapidly scan your business cards into electronic format using powerful scanning recognition, it also lets you export your data for other uses. On top of that, you’ll get faster digitization and be able to more quickly check in with new contacts.

Here’s a basic comparison.

  Standard, Free Version Eight Premium
Digitization 4 items on the business card are digitized: personal name, company name, name, phone number, email address + other data if possible All business card data (including the back of the card) is digitized: personal name, company name, business phone number, email address, department, position, address, fax and cell numbers, website URL)
Speed Normal turnaround Business cards get the highest priority in digitization (typically takes 1/3 the time of with the free plan)
Export data Not available Export your data for use with third-party software, or to send bulk emails to your contacts (download your contact data in CSV or ContactXML format)
Phonebook sync Not available Export your data to sync with your phonebook
Follow-up emails Not available Instantly draft followup emails to contacts you’ve scanned, rather than waiting for digitization
Images in Notes Can only add text to contact notes Save time typing by taking pictures of meeting notes or materials and adding them to the contact notes


Free Eight is great, easy, and yep, it’s free. Premium offers a number of other features for power users who get a lot of cards and want the stability and ease of Eight in their daily routine.

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