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Getting Started with the Eight App: A Simple Setup Guide [Screenshots included]

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Getting Started with the Eight App: A Simple Setup Guide [Screenshots included]

The Eight app is very easy to use. After a quick setup can immediately start using it to manage your business cards and keep up with all your connections.

Scanning is done with 99% accuracy and you’ll immediately be in contact with other connections who use Eight.

You just need the app and your own business card.

If you haven’t installed Eight yet, download it to get started.
For iOS | For Android


Scanning & Verifying Your Card in Eight

First, you’ll scan and verify your business card. This will be the basis of your profile.

If someone has already scanned your business card using Eight, you’ll be connected automatically, and be able to see their profile.


1. Scan your card, just like you see here.

2. Verify your card by clicking [Authenticate] in the email we send you right after you’ve scanned your card.


If you don’t get a verification mail, it’s usually because the email was incorrect. You can correct it manually by doing the following.


1. Tap [You] on the app home screen.

2. Tap [Career History].

3. Tap […] on the right-hand side of the screen.

4. Enter your correct email address.


We’ll resend the verification email to the new address.


The email went to your spam folder

Simply check the spam folder and adjust your setting to allow emails from Eight.

If you’re verified, you’re good to go. Start connecting!

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