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Exchange Business Cards via QR Code, Bluetooth [Video guide]

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Exchange Business Cards via QR Code, Bluetooth [Video guide]

If you make a great new connection and a fellow Eight user, but you forgot to bring your business card, don’t worry.

You can still get them in your Eight using QR code and Bluetooth. This lets you do an electronic exchange of cards.

QR Code

If you both use Eight app, you can exchange each other’s business profile by scanning the QR code. After you scan the code, you’ll be connected and able to view each other’s business profiles right away.

Here’s a video, to make it even easier…


You can also exchange business profiles with nearby Eight users, using Bluetooth. This is useful when you meet lots of people at once and it’s going to be hassle to put in all their QR codes individually.

Turn on Bluetooth on your device, and tap [Connect with a nearby user] on the screen below.

Of course, nothing beats the personal touch of a real business card exchange, but this still gets them in the system and you can start building the relationship.

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