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6 Indian Companies that Use Great Corporate Culture to Retain Great Employees

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6 Indian Companies that Use Great Corporate Culture to Retain Great Employees

Improving corporate culture has long been a hot topic, but in recent years it’s taken on greater importance. As workplaces become more modern and globally influenced, and as workers seek more than just a place to work, companies must work harder to keep up and to retain outstanding workers.

Companies with strong company culture can create a unique brand identity for themselves, while they attract and retain top-quality talent at the same time.

The scenario amongst Indian companies is fast-changing as they are becoming less hierarchical and realizing the growing need for having better corporate culture. Corporates are recognizing the growing challenges their employees face in the workplace in terms of excessive workloads, high stress levels, and growing health issues.

The younger workforce may be especially aware of these factors, and they seek out good corporate culture and enjoyable working conditions when choosing an employer.

Work–life balance is increasingly emphasized, and it compels companies to come up with employee-centric approaches toward the work environment, benefits, and communication.

Certain brands in the Indian market are using unique approaches to implement enlightened corporate culture in their organizations. Here are a few impressive examples.


Amazon India

In 2018, tech giant, Amazon India made a bold move when its head, Amit Agarwal, instructed his employees to refrain from responding to any emails or phone calls between 6 p.m. and 8 a.m. This was aimed at improving work–life balance for Indian local employees and promoting a stress-free working environment.


Tata Consultancy Services

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) placed in the top-10 Best Companies for Women in India in 2018. This was based on the results of the survey of 360 companies from different industries.

TCS was able to achieve its high ranking for establishing a good work culture and promoting them within the organization. One of the company’s initiatives is Mpower, in which people managers at different centers deal with key employee issues. Another initiative, Maitree, aims to reach out to employees’ families and bring them together for various cultural events.

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Godrej Consumer Products

Godrej’s open and flexible work approach, along with its challenging work environment, keeps its employees motivated and engaged in their jobs. Godrej offers an open and collaborative environment to enable its employees to take on tough challenges in the workplace.

It emphasises career development plans by enabling employee movement across key businesses and geographical locations. It’s also highly supportive of women.

The company’s LOUD (Live Out Ur Dream) is a talent search initiative used on the Godrej Campus. This program is for recognizing some creative and passionate individuals with huge potential.


Bharti Airtel

As a leading telecom operator with a global presence in more than 16 countries, Bharti Airtel bagged the Best Employer Award at the Aon Best Employers Learning and Conference Awards in 2017.

The company offers flexible working hours to all its employees, along with remote and work-from-home options. It provides special incentives to women employees, such as 22 weeks of maternity leave for working mothers to allow for smooth transition back into regular working hours. Bharti Airtel’s office in Gurgaon provides day-care facilities for working mothers’ children to balance their role as parent and manage their professional commitments as well.

Grocery shopping centres and health and fitness facilities are provided within the campus for ease and personal convenience of the employees.

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As a leading e-commerce company in India, Flipkart has taken several initiatives to maintain work–life balance for its employees. Its workforce accommodates many newly married couples, and has an average employee age of only around 29 years. The company has implemented an attractive childcare policy with a day-care support program. Employees at Flipkart can get up to a 50% discount on fees for enrolling their children up to 4 years.

There are also benefits for working women, with 6 months of paid maternity leave along with allowance for 4 months of flexible working hours. If needed, the company also offers a 1-year unpaid break to new mums. Expectant mothers can receive a stipend as a transport allowance for 2 months, before opting for maternity leave.

Employees can even receive adoption assistance from the company, with Rs 50,000 granted as allowance for managing their legal, regulatory, and agency costs with benefits similar to those in the maternity policy. Flipkart also provides a wellness program to encourage health among its employees.


Hindustan Unilever

As one of India’s leading FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) companies, Hindustan Unilever has over 35 brands with over 20 different categories. It relies on about 18,000 employees to make everything run well. The company has employee-friendly schemes that enable the workforce to stay engaged and effectively balance their personal and professional lives. Its head office located in Mumbai offers a cafe, gym, day care centers, and bank facilities to employees.

Managers at Hindustan Unilever can take advantage of the company’s career break policy for up to 5 years so they can pursue higher education, maternity or paternity leave, or take on other personal goals. The Career by Chance program enables working mothers to return to the workforce after a long period away. The Lamplighter Employee Programme allows employees to manage health-associated risks and it promotes wellness.



Studies conducted by Dale Carnegie Training a few years back suggest that almost 54% of employees working in India are not satisfied with their jobs. This shows that organizations need to take more proactive measures to boost employee engagement at their workplace.

A progressive, engaging, and empowering workplace can result in a high degree of employee engagement and involvement, and enhances their contribution towards the organization. That’s a win–win for employers and employees alike.


Note: This article is only to provide inspiring examples of Indian workplaces that are commendably modernizing and are emphasizing progressive approaches and greater employee health. This in no way implies endorsement of the companies or their products or services.

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