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More than a Number: How Eight Got Its Name

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More than a Number: How Eight Got Its Name

The business card management app Eight was launched internationally in 2017, and its users number in the hundreds of thousands.

Numbers are a big deal for us.

The name Eight was not chosen lightly. This one digit represents the premise and mission of our app.


A Silhouette of Hands Exchanging Business Cards

 Eight, after all, starts with the encounter and the exchange of business cards. The name Eight can be seen as a visual representation of this exchange.

When we extend our hands to one another in the highly important act of exchanging business cards, our arms form an 8. The Eight logo captures this connection.


A Service Growing to Infinity ∞

Turn 8 sideways and you get the ∞ (infinity) symbol, as you can see in the Eight logo. Infinity is a long way, but we have great expectations.

Eight enables you to make infinite connections. How far can you expand your network? How about infinity?

We also aim to grow the service infinitely, as the number of users goes up and up. You can help us get there.

Sansan: Our Parent Company

Sansan Inc., which dominates the business contact management market in Japan, got its name as a bit of a play on words. In Japanese, –san, as many will recognise, is added to names to show respect. Thus, a san is an honoured and respected person.

Double it and it’s two people meeting. It can also be humorously translated to something like Mr Mister.

What’s more, san is the Japanese number 3. Take two threes in a mirror image, bring them together, and you get an 8. This connection of two sans represents people’s encounters.

Eight really is the perfect name for the app. We hope you’ll use it to connect, honour those connections, and join us in reaching for infinite ambitions.

Start now by downloading it. It’s free!

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