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Networking for New Mothers: How to Stay Connected While You Build Your Family

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Networking for New Mothers: How to Stay Connected While You Build Your Family

Are you a new mom? Are you overwhelmed, sleep-deprived, hardly ever socializing? Is business networking the last thing on your mind? You’re not alone. We’ll show you how to stay connected and quickly get back on track.

Studies show that as a new mom, you’re at risk of becoming lonely and isolated. Spending your days at home and taking care of your new bundle keeps you endlessly busy. Adding business networking, or any networking at all, to your daily schedule can feel too challenging and time-consuming.

Here’s some good news. There are many solutions that make networking for new moms easier. Read on for some ideas that can help you combat isolation, gain the support of other moms, and build professional relationships.

Focusing on Business Networking as a New Mother

Combining business networking and new motherhood isn’t easy. But if you’re planning on going back to work, it’s necessary. Continuing with business interactions is essential for your career growth. The aim of business networking is to tell others about your business. Hopefully they will become your business partners or customers.

The statistics from the Asia Foundation support this. They show that networking has an essential role in women’s success in business. Take Thailand, for example. 54% more female business owners who participate in networks report a profit in the past year, compared to those who don’t connect with others.

Business networking differs across societies. You can read more about the Philippines here and New Zealand here, for example. But many cultures have one thing in common. They share the importance of personal networking. In Asia, personal relationships are important for business networking. In Chinese, guanxi means more than business networking. It’s a complex relationship with business partners. Business connections are also personal, familial, social, and even political.

In Scandinavian countries, personal and business relationships are inseparable, too. In Sweden and Norway, most jobs aren’t publicly advertised. 60% of companies use informal networks to find new employees. According to Coworker, when talking about business, Norwegians prefer to “share experiences, not business cards.” It’s a sweeping statement, as cards are no doubt still a part of things.

Business Networking Opportunities for New Moms

The most obvious place to start networking when you’re a new mum is different parent groups. It’s easy to find social networking opportunities for new moms. Any children-friendly places such as libraries, playgrounds, museums, and playgroups, provide opportunities to connect with other moms. Thanks to your new family member, you’ll always have plenty of conversation starters and discussion topics.

Since they’re great places for making contacts, social networking groups can have an important role in building business relationships as well. Other moms are great sources of professional connections, partnerships, career advice, and support.

When talking to other moms in your group, ask them what they do for a living. Maybe you’ll find out that you share the same interests. Perhaps they’re even in a similar line of work as you. And the best part? You may just discover that your new friend is also a perfect new business connection.

Connecting Online for New Moms

In-person contacts have numerous benefits. But millennial moms love connecting through social media too. Statistics show that 87% of moms in the U.S. are on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Use this knowledge to your advantage and secure contacts when you’re a new mom.

There’s a huge choice of online groups for new moms. Some of them connect only online, others also get together in person. For example, there are numerous Singapore-based online communities. New Mothers’ Support Group is one of them. The group organizes regular events like coffee dates, yoga classes, and nature walks.

Networking for Mompreneurs

Whether you’re new in business or own one, you should join one of the special online groups for mompreneurs. You can exchange experiences with other moms who wish to focus on work-life balance. This is definitely the best way to navigate challenges and enhance your own career.

Meetup is an excellent platform for meeting other new moms for parenting and career advice. It’s also perfect for promoting your own business. The choice is almost endless. There are more than 2,500 Meetup groups for moms in many cities around the world. Why not try one of the Moms in Business Meetup circles in your area? A very popular Mumbai Women Entrepreneurs, for example, boasts over 2,000 members.

Connecting through Facebook is a good way to get to know other moms who share your profession. There are numerous Facebook groups for mompreneurs. Some of them are Boss-Moms and Mighty Mompreneurs. Both groups offer support for women who believe that motherhood and business go hand in hand. With so many alternatives, you’ll easily find a community that’s right for you. If you can’t find an existing networking group you like, it’s also fully possible to start your own.

Several useful networking apps on the market can also help you navigate your life as a working mom. Business Among Moms, with the aim to foster relationships between women who balance motherhood and business, is a good place to learn, get inspiration, and show off your business too.

In Conclusion

There are a number of ways for new moms to stay connected, either locally or online. This is a perfect way to build lasting personal and professional relationships. In a world with a limitless choice of networking possibilities, combining motherhood and business is not an impossible task.

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