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Press Releases for Your Business: When’s the Right Time and Wrong Time to Spread the Word?

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Press Releases for Your Business: When’s the Right Time and Wrong Time to Spread the Word?

Online consumption of news just keeps rising, and you need to get your voice heard. The press release is still a gold standard to blast your news. The challenge is where to blast it, and how.

According to PR Web (Vocus), over 60% of journalists, prefer to find their news sources and story ideas online. Press releases are a key vehicle to get it there.

The press releases is how a business can quickly relay new information about the brand or product/service, to a lot of people, and fast.

To get the required coverage, the release has to be well-written with clear messaging and without errors. And it needs to be optimized to cover the relevant subject topic, then sent to the right places.

Frequency and timing of a press release must be on point for it to have maximum impact. The right amount of insight needs to be included to ensure that it’s relevant to the market and current trends. It should be newsworthy, and not just a promotional marketing initiative to cater to the online search of a journalist.


Best Day to Issue a Press Release

Your relationship with the media or specific journalists, their editorial schedules, their editorial calendar, and many such factors are key in your media coverage.

Many overlook this.

According to FreshMail, the average open rate for an e-mail containing the press release is around 18%.

Mid-week (Wednesdays/Thursdays) is the best time to issue a release, as a majority of editors search for important stories on these days. The average open rate increases to over 26% on Thursdays, as per the FreshMail article.

Thursdays are a good day because journalists finish their most important tasks on their lists and are able to finally read all their unopened emails. The worst day to send a release is a Friday, where 85% of your emails remained unopened in their inboxes.

Think of the crush of work you often get on Friday afternoons and you should be able to relate.

Image Source: Prowly


Best Time to Issue a Press Release

The best time to send out a press release is between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. in the target destination. This is when news is actively announced and better disseminated. Sending the release late in the evening is the worst practice, as most of the news to feature next day is already finalized in the evening editorial meetings.


What Not To Do While Issuing a Press Release

As much as there are better days and times, there are many things NOT to do. They are …

  • Pitching the wrong audience – Find the right reporters covering your domain and pitch them directly before sending your release. For example – Mint Lounge (Lifestyle supplement of a popular financial daily, Mint) comes out on Saturday, which means any lifestyle-related news or announcements will be covered in this issue. That makes it essential to know the publication content and dates for companies to issue their releases accordingly.
  • Providing no value – Provide news value to your release. This can include changes in management, products, services or other changes – instead of marketing initiatives.
  • Keep the days and time in mind – Sending press releases over the weekend is a strict no-no, as journalists typically don’t open emails during their day off. And if they do, they’re probably not at their desk. Avoid Mondays and Fridays because this is when reporters are busy catching up on work and planning their activities.

Here’s another great tip: Use Eight to ping your contacts about your upcoming press release. Look through your contacts for media connections and anyone who may be interested and send them a quick note to let them know it’s coming.

To sum it up, get your timing right, marry it with value and impact, and use the best technologies on hand to make sure your press release catches the eyes of all the right people.

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