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Tags and Notes: Quickly Find a Key Person in Your Contacts [Video guide]

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Tags and Notes: Quickly Find a Key Person in Your Contacts [Video guide]

When you’re looking for a useful connections to start a new projects, join an event, or any other possible reason, your contacts in Eight are the best place to start. After all, you already know them! This is a great time to reconnect.

It is quite difficult to find the business card you are looking for but for using Tags and Notes. They help you to categorize your business cards, and search the card you need by keyword.


Use Tags to categorize your business cards/contacts

Tags are something you make manually, using whatever text you like. A person’s specific job or industry is a typical Tag; something like PR, engineer, medical devices, or semiconductors.

Another useful idea is adding the name of the event where you met the person, such as a trade show or conference.


Use Notes to add keywords

You can search yours cards/contacts by using keywords in the Notes. Add something like “loves tennis” or “Harvard MBA” so it’ll be easier to find them and remember them.

The more business cards you add, the more powerful Eight becomes, because you’re building your personal database. Use these two simple functions to keep track of your contacts.

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