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  • Are you working globally?
  • Have you started your own business through the power of connections?
  • Are you a master at managing your contacts?
  • Do you benefit from networking?


These are among the topics we cover on 8 Conversation.

Our user audience comprises thousands of international people at all levels of business.

We’ll continue to provide interesting content to empower you to connect and reconnect. But human networks don’t exist without many people interacting in various ways.

Wherever you are in the world, we want to hear your story. It can be in words or video. If you can add your own pictures, even better! We’ll give you a great forum, and you’ll get to tell the world how your work.

We welcome ideas for articles on themes that 8 Conversation represents. We’ll review them and get back to you promptly.

If your article is accepted, it will get a byline and we’ll happily include a link to your social accounts and/or personal business. 8 Conversation has strong domain authority and benefits from its linkage with its parent company, Sansan, Inc., a leading software SaaS provider in Japan expanding globally.



  • Read the articles on 8 Conversation to see what sorts of topics we cover.
  • Download the Eight app to understand its strengths. Better yet, use it actively and incorporate it in your article.
  • Present an idea for an article that is 500-1,000+ words long


Submissions must:

  • Be 100% original and not published elsewhere. We’ll verify this with plagiarism software.
  • Not be self-promotional; their main purpose is to share your unique perspective.
  • Back all numbers and strong assertions with credible sources. Provide URLs for all such sources.
  • Not be of a political nature, or seek to advance any particular agenda.
  • Not be from a representative of a competing company or in any way endorsing a competitor’s product. (e.g., other business card scanners and contact management app; though you are free to mention other products)
  • Be written in US English that requires little or no editing for grammar. We will, however, make reasonable edits to improve the writing where necessary.

Go ahead, pitch us your story idea.

Please note we reserve the right to:

  • Not reply to your entry. In other words, don’t call us, we’ll call (email) you.
  • Make necessary revisions without consulting you in advance. These will be of a reasonable level, such as editing and refining language and adding useful links and images.
  • Submission of an article for 8 Conversation means you do not retain the rights to the writing. It will become the property of 8 Conversation.