Business Conversation with Americans: What’s OK/Not OK to Talk About

Managing contacts is hard enough when they’re all over the world. Beyond time zones and…

How to Reconnect with Old Business Contacts (without being pushy or needy)

You’ve met lots of people (sometimes in very odd places), gathered lots of business cards,…

Network from home - Eight

You Can Network When You’re Socially Distancing – Here’s How

As more people have to work remote in the current global climate, our usual ways…

Eight — Your Professional Network

Eight is a feature-rich business card organizer and professional networking platform that dominates the market in Japan. The Eight app is a convenient and free-to-use tool that helps you immediately connect, then continually reconnect and keep updated with all your professional contacts.


Eight Tips →

Eight is a powerful and free business card scanner app. Did you know it’s also a mapping tool? A social network? Learn how to get the most out an app used by 2 million people.

What’s the Difference between Eight and Eight Premium?

What’s the difference between the regular/free version of Eight and Eight Premium? This is one of the most asked questions from Eight users. The standard version of the app is free to…

Networking + Business →

Networking is business and business is very hard to do without networking. Since Eight is a powerful tool for business and networking, here we focus on ways of getting better at both.

dei strategy

10 Steps to Incorporating a DEI Strategy

Organizations that are striving for more diversity can consider a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) strategy. A DEI strategy should be born from a desire to improve, and it’s a necessity to…

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Global Connections →

You connect in business and public spaces, or other times without even meeting in person. Our world gets smaller, and we work over any distance, yet we’re still unique nations, cultures, and individuals. These stories look at what makes us the same and what makes us different, and seeks ways to connect, all over the world.

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